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Full Referencing Service

(including Option to purchase Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance)

We use an independent referencing Company (will full Credit Licence) who will do exhaustive checks and usually complete the referencing process within three days.  The reference is returned with a recommendation i.e. grade A, B (guarantor recommended), C or R (not recommended).  This means that you have reliable independent information with regards to your prospective tenant, which can greatly assist you in making a judgement as to whether to offer them the tenancy.  Grade A tenants automatically qualify you for Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance. Please ask for further details.

£50.00 + VAT per tenant

Full Referencing Service

We will produce a professional, comprehensive lease which, if required can be tailored to your particular requirements.  With the lease, we also produce all the other legal documents (i.e. Section 48 etc) including a Section 21, which means that (should the need arise) you can serve your tenant with notice to evict if in breach of the agreement without further recourse to legal expense at that point.  We will also produce a standing order for the rent amount to be paid to the bank account specified by you.

£60.00 + VAT (first lease)

Inventory Service

One of the areas with the most potential for dispute between landlords and tenants can arise over inaccurate or incomplete Inventories.  With the new tenancy deposit legislation now in force, it is more important than ever to have an accurate document listing the state and contents of your rented property. An inventory should list not only each and every single item in the property, but also its state of repair etc.  For example, even items such as door furniture should be listed, as well as every scratch on the walls or mark on the carpet.  To produce this list can be a time consuming process, but we will not only produce a professional inventory of your property prior to a tenancy, but will ask the tenant to sign and agree it.  This prevents costly disputes arising in the future.  In addition to this we will also provide meter readings prior to the tenant moving into the property and will notify the appropriate utility company and District Council for you.  All these documents will then be forwarded on to you with copies kept on file by us for future reference if required.

£75.00 + VAT (up to three bedrooms) £25.00 + VAT (per extra bedroom)

Gas Safety Certificates / Oil Servicing

Particularly if you own more than one property, remembering the due dates for Gas Safety Checks and Oil Servicing can be difficult. Yet the legal consequences of omitting to carry them out on time could be onerous. We maintain a database of all due Gas Safety Certificate/ Oil Servicing dates for our managed properties.  For an annual fee of we will add your property to our database and either notify you one month before  the annual Gas Safety or Oil Servicing check is due or, if you prefer, undertake to have it done or your behalf by professional registered companies, and will subsequently forward the required Certificate (and relevant suppliers invoice) to you.

£54.00 + VAT (per annum)

Property Inspections

We can carry out as many inspections of your property each year as you wish and will produce a written report after each inspection on every aspect of the property with any comments or problems reported by the tenants, our own observations and any recommendations for repair or items for attention that may be needed.

£30.00 + VAT (per inspection, within a 10 mile radius of Tiverton)

Rent Collection Only

Rental collection only means that we will collect the rent from your tenant and forward to you (usually via direct bank transfer), deal with arrears through effective credit control through to court proceedings if needed (please note that this does not include court appearances or legal fees).  If required, we will set up a rent review at certain specified periods to allow you to review your current rent and decide on any appropriate increase.

8% + VAT (of gross rental amount)

Notices etc

For the issue of notices, section 48, section 21(b) section 8, notice of rent increases, proposal of different terms, eviction notices. We will be happy to do these notices and post them to your tenant these can be specific to you and your property and will inform the tenant of any changes that may be needed. These are the latest and up to date legal notices required to be issued as set down in the 2004 housing act.

£Prices upon Application

Please contact us for more information on any of the above products or if there is a service you need not listed.

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