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Selling Tips

Here are some tips from A&A Property Services to improve your chances of a property sale

These are some simple and inexpensive tasks to do that will maximise your chances of a good offer and improve your properties chance for a quick and successful sale.

Decoration of Internal Rooms

Whatever your personal taste, however refined and subtle, the buyer probably won't like it. Go for property decoration allowing a blank canvas onto which potential buyers can project their own tastes. Blank canvasses tend to be white, beige or white with a hint of o a colour. This suits most buyers tastes and mixes with most furniture styles, just right for the new purchaser to move into.

Windows and the outside of the property’s appearance

Tidy and clean windows and doors are important to a buyer - the front door creates an important first impression. Wood, which rots, needs repainting every few years and may need doing. Check your fences and condition of paths, walls and guttering. Make it look like to your buyer you take an active interest in the maintenance of your building.

Clean out your clutter

If your house is on the market, it is a good time to sort out all your stuff. Sorting through your possessions, dumping, recycling or selling, are good approaches, you have seen it on TV! Why pay a removal firm to transport unwanted clutter from one property to another, which is a meaningless waste of time and resources.

Most importantly, those warped tennis rackets and tins of hardened paint in your cupboard under the stairs may actively be putting off buyers. Cubby-holes like that can be cleared out, brightened up and remarketed as potential home-office space.

A de-cluttered house and property is easier to keep clean and fresh for potential buyer viewings.

Things you can't bear to throw away need to be stored properly. Shelving solutions are widely available form high street DIY shops of DIY supermarket chains such as B&Q, Homebase, etc. and at a fraction of the price it would cost you to make them.

Use of lighting and heating

A few well-chosen, free-standing lamps can transform a room’s feel by giving the impression to buyers of wall lighting without all that fiddly rewiring. Air the rooms before a viewing but also, ensure your house is not cold in winter, have a welcoming fire or the heating on.

The use of large mirror, many being available to suit your style of your room and quite cheaply these days, can double the size of a room and make it feel brighter.

Do the garden!

Expensive garden makeovers do not necessarily add value to your property. When buyers catch sight of that £25,000 sunken garden room with disco lights or a pool designed by a garden architect, they may just calculate how much it is going to cost to fill it in and change the garden to how they want it.

Better to simply tidy up, pull out the weeds and turn over any flowerbeds with a garden fork or hoe. If you have a small lawn in very poor condition it may be worth re-turfing. Simply unroll, butt the pieces together like a furry jigsaw, and cut awkward corners with garden sheers or a large knife.

Trim any hedges and cut the grass. Add colour to your property’s garden, add some seasonal bedding plants or ground cover plants to any barren flower beds. Consider plant pots if you wish to take what you buy with you to the new property eventually or if you only have a balcony or roof garden.

Get a window box or two

Flat dwellers need not despair. Adding window boxes can make a big difference, even if they only provide a fringe of foliage along the window sill can enhance a view from a window. Why not fill it with usable herbs for the kitchen window, looks and smells good.

Check the appearance of Bathrooms

Don’t necessarily buy a new suite or do radical restructuring, consider a good clean, remove any limescale using a limescale-removing chemical and possibly use new grout, which can liven up the space between the tiles! Rake out the existing stained grout and apply the new grout (available in a range of colours) with a 'squeegee' or alternatively get some 'grout reviver', which you simply apply, over the old grout, making it all look like new.

New modern taps can improve an otherwise lacklustre basins and baths

If a new bath suite is considered to be a solution, an expensive suite is not necessary but consider the use of a clean white suite.

Kitchen Appearance

The Kitchen’s appearance very much influences a property sale, with many buyers considering if they can live in the current kitchen or requires the expense of updating or modernising.

Taps again could be changed as could worktops. Even if you have an integral sink or hob, putting in a new worktop should only take a weekend.

Bear in mind there may be redecorating issues, check the tile grout and the bead of mastic around the joints, and don't go for anything radical like actual granite - which could eat your budget and not get you your money back. A new plain and simple worktop makes a better property impression than stained, worn or damaged worktops.

Then, keep your property tidy ready for any viewings, get that property sold!

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